Dungeon master mode (questions)



In this discussion I’m talking about the dungeon master mode. I’m pretty excited about it. I would like to know if anyone can answer some of these following questions as well.

  1.   Making story events.

when creating a story event will the dungeon master be able to
Choose events by raidiant entertainment and the community then edit them with a in-game tool?will there be a in game tool
In which you can easily choose from a load of options and make your own story event?

  1.  The things a dungeon master can make

Can a dungeon master make a dungeon like mentioned in :the new playable race: goblins! topic. How powerful could your be? Could you make the weather
Change? Or create natural disasters?

  1.    Restrictions and multiplayer

Since your on multiplayer you would have to have restrictions such as the things you do like win something against the player collect resources from Mines farms and other achievements might create event points.event points: Event points is what you spend on making story events happen but the bigger the story the more it costs. You can lose story points if the other players manage to defeat you challenge.If you lose all your event points you lose the game. Do you think that might happen?

Thanks for listening.


I think all the things that you are mentioning here are going to be implemented after(way after) the first release if they are implemented.While it would be nice to have some of these things I don’t think that they are necessary at all.But I aggree that it would be coolt o have them:).


Thanks for repliying. I’m new. I didn’t know how long it would take for someone to reply. I should probably re-phrase myself. I meant this is a place for people to say what exactly they’d like to see.



hi @FlyingPigs … welcome aboard! :smiley:

while the effort is appreciated, i dont think having one massive “what we would like to have” thread would be very easy to digest or having engaging conversations within… thats basically the intent behind the Suggestions category itself… :wink:

feel free to change the focus of this thread to a particular suggestion you might have though, such as a particular game mode, etc.