Dt: cubemitter optimizations


Other Announcements
This Thursday’s stream will feature Matt Malley, who has given us a ton of the VFX you see above, as well as all the adorable animations from A20.

Today, I am also incredibly excited to announce that Carl Quinn is joining Team Stonehearth as a very senior engineer. Carl has been working at Riot for some time as an architect of our various backend services. Previous to Riot, he’s worked at Borland on Borland C++ at Sun on Java Studio Creator, at Google on the Blaze build system, and at Netflix as the Engtools Team manager. Quite frankly, we are gobsmacked by how lucky we are that he’s found our little game worthy of his professional skills. In his very first week on the team, Carl has bravely gotten waist deep into the swamp lamentably disorganized hotkey system, which should give him a good tour of the skeletons in our engine at the C++, Lua, and Javascript layers. Please welcome Carl to our community on discourse.stonehearth.net via @carl_quinn


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“optimisations” and “reduced memory use”… now there’s a few words guaranteed to put a smile on any player’s face :jubilant:

I can’t wait to light up a town to the extreme while I test out the difference.


My merry band of misfits seem smarter now that they have more memory to think with. Can go back up to 30 people and not have them all fighting to make sure that one block gets placed


Yes, please.
Memory optimizations, cubemitters and light bump are much needed :merry:


my heart is jumping with joy hearing about lower mem usage

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Could the devs comment on the “brightness” of light sources? They never seem bright enough for my liking! I’d love to be able to put a lamp indoors and have it illuminate a room better, or cause the windows to glow to have a house look inhabited and homely at night or something. Though I do admit the low levels of light are very medieval appropriate.


Nice work Justin!
I was waiting for this - We can now move on to geomancers. ;3

@Carl_Quinn, welcome on board!

I’ve just watched the DT video and I can’t stress enough how interesting and important it is. As for a junior programmer/modder these videos are great, showing various dev work in details while also keeping things simple for those who are not very IT-savvy.


As a gamer with a not so good single threaded CPU, i can appreciate a good optimization.:+1:

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