Domino's Overwatch Skins

I was inspired to make all Overwatch Characters after playing for 6 hours straight, and pondered "What if __ was a __ and I proceeded to model it:

Organized Skin Database: Click me!

Future Plans: Try to make it a race. Emphasis on TRY, if anyone would like to help make that happen, feel free to msg me.

Current Update: v0.1 the Whole Hog Update

What’s added:
Roadhog as possible knight or footmen class.

Current Roster(Updated once new model is 100% finished)


Mercy (Body).qb (154.0 KB)
Mercy (Head).qb (154.0 KB)
Mercy (Full).qb (488.3 KB)


Roadhog (Full).qb (1.2 MB)

Next Update: The British Update.


Should take a look at the stonehearth models in-game and actually make a pod that puts this in-game.

Wouldn’t be too hard to change the footman into Mercy. Just for the fun of it. footman_outfit.qb (2.7 MB)

I should, but my expertise in modeling would be better suited, thats why I made it a DL, so people could use the models for a mod or reskin, as long as they credit Blizzard and me for the “Port” I guess i could do that, making a mod was my first plan. But anyone is welcome to use it.