DocNeon's Qubicle Creations

Whataa! New user out of nowhere! Hello, I’m DocNeon, I’m a big fan of Radiant and Stonehearth, though I don’t yet have the latter. I saw the models of @Froggy @Pandemic and @voxel_pirate and I just had to make some of my own! I may not have played Stonehearth, but I took some inspiration from these guys, and tadaa! (I just got Qubicle 2 Trial last week so I’m sorry if these aren’t all that good)
I stuck with a medieval theme, so (obviously) I started with a king! Here he is…

If there is a king there must (sometimes) be a queen!

And some Royal Thrones for them to rest their Royal Buttocks upon! (comes in rustic stone, fine silver, and luxurious gold)

This is just a preview, so let me know if you’d like to see more! I’m more than happy to upload more of my work, which I am spewing (yeuch) out more and more of every so often! Any feedback or criticism is much welcomed! Also, If anybody can tell me how to add links to the files for these models, give me a shout. See ya!


How do we promote a king and queen or to even,get these assests.

@Colster Just to clarify, this isn’t a mod or a part of the official game, and I have no experience in modding. These are just voxel models I made in the Qubicle 2 trial, they are my custom models, not in the game. Just clarifying.


hey there @DocNeon … welcome aboard! :smile:

very well done! they look very majestically royal indeed! :smile:


awesome job @DocNeon, and welcome to the discourse :smile:

i hope we’ll be graced with more of your models soon.


Thanks! I plan to do a lot more in the near future! :blush:


New models! Introducing the Royal Guard…

And the kingdom banner! I took some time with the design of this one, and it turned out like this!

Again, feedback is welcome, and thanks for the support! I really appreciate it! I will be uploading these models, regardless of whether or not people are paying attention. Anyway, See ya!


I love the royal guard and don’t even get me started about the banners, THEY’RE GREAT!!! :smiley:


@Yosmo78 Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

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Sorry for the wait, not as if anyone was waiting :joy:
Anyway, I have a lot of new models to upload!

For the sake of any readers, I have compiled the weapons I have made into one image which includes (in order): Pike, Broadsword, Royal Greatsword.

Also a squire! ( I like his backpack :kissing_smiling_eyes: )

And, to join the King and Queen at their thrones, the Royal Advisor

And, a little experiment, a rowboat.

I don’t really know what to say about these, so I’ll leave that to the discourse!
See ya!


why not add some oars along with that row boat to wrap it up all nicely! :smiley:

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@Yosmo78 Hmm… Good idea! I’ll get back to you when I have it done. Thanks for the quick reply!


@Yosmo78 Meep. Stubby oars


Looks great! can’t wait to see more of your work! :smile_cat:

Thank you so much ^w^ I really love your support!