Divine Comedy Mod


Hi this is the first time I have made a post b,but I am a long time viewer of all the great mod ideas and awesome models. Anyway I was reading a novel that was based on Dante’s The Divine Comedy ,and I was thinking it would be a really cool mod if you trained or recruited a hero that you followed as he went on a quest through the nine circles of hell. Tell me your opinions and I know it doesn’t fit in the stonehearth theme I just thought it would be a neat mod.


Well, I think this would definitely be something that would perfectly fit into the alternate planes!

Would be very very interesting to see how these would play out.


brilliant suggestion…so you arent just a pretty face, after all!

@Smancer, have an official “welcome aboard!”… :smile:

i like the mod concept, and think it would definitely be something the community could implement… looking forward to seeing this developed! :+1: