Distribution platforms

So I know that Steam is going to be an option. I was wondering if GOG.com has been considered. I know they have Windows and Mac support but not Linux at this point. It might be something worth looking into.

the more means of distributing, the better (assuming they are cost effective)… but, and correct me if im wrong, isnt GOG for “classic” or at least slightly older games? do they carry new titles? indie titles?

GOG rebranded themselves awhile ago. They aren’t known as Good Old Games anymore, just GOG.com. They do new releases as well as classic ones. It’s my preferred distribution platform. Would be nice if they had Linux support since that is my primary OS. I also believe they have the same distribution model as Steam where they get 30% and the developer gets 70%. They also like to help out inde developers.


oh, excellent! i was not aware of the change… im assuming they still sell the classic titles though, correct?

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You can also consider Desura

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