Distance of picking ore and other things from town

I’ve noticed that when i start to mine, after a certain distance the workers simply stop gathering and just leave the ore and stone there in the open, even marking it as loot didn’t solve it… had to forcibly make them gather them by placing crates near the ore, but it’s a pain to move around the crates every time i decide to mine. So i suggest an increase in the gathering radius, please.

They actually did from like 540, to 1000…

When was this? Is there a new release after 504? Cause if that’s the new one as i suspect then my post continue to make sense

They updated it for alpha 14, it should be in the changelog, I know it’s still a pain but I’m happy they increased it from alpha 13, as far as I know they’re still working on that kind of thing, and if it is within that radius and it’s the game bugging it they’re working on purely fixing bugs for what may be known as “Alpha 15”

I know, it was really frustrating before, but now it’s more like annoying… Cause they just drop it…

Personally, I always place crates in mines anyway, as that’s simply a lot faster, but yes, the manual transport through crates is annoying and problem-prone…


I too have started to do “crate shuffling” for trappers, mining opreations and naturallly ,loot gathering.
Just to keep track on crates that are empty and need to be unloaded, I created small store house in middle of my town. It even has a fine comfy bed, a table and chair for the assumed storage worker xD

As added bonus, the faraway cratse occassionally gets a footman hanging around for little automatic scouting and early responses to threat!

…Besides, it is something to while waiting workers to finish building/mining/eating/whatever they decided to do.