Did I complete all available content in Alpha 12?

Yesterday I played through and took out most goblin camps. I killed the goblin chieften, dogs etc. This is the firs time I got this far. The game felt really solid and I am looking forward to Alpha 13.

After completing the quests I put an extra hour in but didnt find any new quests or content. Did I complete everything in Alpha 12 or can some other quests be triggered?

Hey there @Kilfaxi, as far as “campaign content” you have completed everything with a story thus far. You will still have random encounters with goblins, but that is it for “campaign stuff.” You are of course encouraged to play around with building and designing things, as this is indeed a sandbox game.

On another note, have you tried out @Froggy’s Candledark mod? Candledark returns! – Stonehearth. This was a Halloween themed mod released in conjunction with Alpha 12, and it comes with all sorts of new and exciting content and campaigns. If you want to try it out, check out the linked post, which comes with all you need to know about the mod, and how to install it!