Diamond Window frames trap rabbits

For aesthetic reasons, I have six buildings which employ four diamond window frames each. One of them houses a full set of workbenches (one of each) for the Weaver, Cook and Herbalist professions, kept near the farms with plenty of Stone Chests for storage.

Each of the diamond window frames that has one block of furniture in front of it (two total) has become home to one rabbit. The rabbits appear to each occupy the empty space within the volume of a single diamond window frame, but do not appear capable of escape if left to their own devices.

Possibly not coincidentally, I began receiving errors on game load indicating that rabbits have “failed to yield after 10 AI spins”.

There are starving rabbits in my walls. Based on a quick survey of my pastures, I’d estimate that the two trapped rabbits are livestock – not wild, and not pets. There are one fox and one rabbit sticking close nearby, even in spite of hunger warnings; I am not clear on why they’re doing that, but the rabbit is a Shepherd’s pet and the fox is a Trapper’s pet.

I lack a compass rose or a good frame of reference, so I’m afraid I can’t map my view of the… well, the map, to an absolute set of references that would make sense from a code perspective. I -think- these windows are North exposure, as dictated by North being the top edge of the map when I first selected a settlement site.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. I have no idea. I just made this building, and then days later I noticed it had rabbits in its windows – but just on this wall.

Expected Results:

  • Objects permeable enough to enter should be permeable enough to exit unless that dichotomy is the object’s express intent (traps).
    Actual Results:
  • Diamond Frame windows appear to trap important and valuable animals (pets, livestock) despite there being few Earthly reasons for the animals to be attracted into those points in the first place.

This is aesthetically distressing. Yeah, it’s pixels, but it’s pixels of starving rabbits entrusted to my shepherd’s care, so that sucks a little to see. I might remove this building and revise the design to use different frames. :slight_smile:

four screen captures showing: Full external view, partial-cutaway external view, full internal view, total-cutaway internal view.

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods. I’m running Alpha 16, which is in pre-release.

System Information:
Is there a tool for gathering what you need?
AMD FX-9590 8-core 4.72GHz
Win10 x64
Crossfire pair of AMD Radeon R9 200’s
SATA RAID 5 storing Steam apps, SSD OS volume

(let me know if some other detail is relevant, I’m a developer and I want this game to succeed.)

(Also please tell me what I have to do in order to gain the ability to attach multiple pictures. I’d like reports to be easier in the future.)

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I think the upload limit has to do with just being new. So welcome!

I have seen in my own game that pets love to clime on stuff. I had plenty on roof tops and in empty windows.
they just use the scaffolding to get up there and get stuck. The only way that is know of to get rid of them is to use the command box. Select the rabbit in the window. press control shift and C (to open the command box) and type in there Destroy. (do make sure you have the animal selected! or something else will get destroyed.)

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this is indeed a terrible fate for those little rabbits, umm…not sure who to page for this… @yshan perhaps?

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My workaround requires the console.

I console-destroyed the window-frames, and they immediately queued back up for replacement. I had my Carpenter make a couple, and while he was working I rearranged the Cook’s furniture so the rabbits couldn’t get back up there. The rabbits themselves escaped the windowsills intact and rushed back to the pastures to grab food.