Diamond Star Scouts On Tree

Diamond Star Scouts Stuck On top of tree,
Ignore Half Heath on one of the scouts, that was my archers doing as they discovered the glitch
Not sure how it happened, I think they just spawned there

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19, Steam, No Mods

(First post, Tell me if i did anything incorrectly so i can improve next time)


Was there a enemy base spawning next to it? Did you manage to save it at that spot? If you did could you upload it? Were there more enemy’s part of that group or just those 2?

If the savefile is bigger then 10mb you need to upload it to a filesharing site like dropbox and place the link here. The defs can then take a closer look as to why the game generated them on top of a tree, appearently ignoring the already present tree.

No Enemy base Next to it, dont have a save with them on the tree, No more enemy’s, I checked when i discovered them

Something to note though:
The tree top was on the same level as the ground as the land right next to it, but the level the tree was planted on had no access to my base.