[Develop - 2494] Lua Cb overload - Crafting bench


I have an issue with the “Maintain (x numbers of) in the stockpile”

When i enter a large amount, let’s say 20 wooden shield for the example, the Lua Cb turn crazy and stay around 70% of memory usage, rendering the game laggy and unstable.

You don’t even have to issue the order, as simply punting the amount in the workbench turn the game crazy.
Here a screenshot of my Lua and Lua Cb turning crazy in the bottom right bar.


At this point, reloading a saved game crash the game.
Restarting the game and loading a save game with the order issued seem to bypass the issue, so if i can guess, it’s about the Lua usage being unable to unload it’s workcharge.

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Precision :
It’s also happens with the “Craft (x numbers of)” command.
It’s only happens if you enter the amount via the keyboard, it’s don’t seem to happens if you increment the amount with the arrows.
Don’t seem to happen if the amount is under 10
Reloading the UI with F5 don’t resolve the issue.
Pausing the game and waiting a certain amount of time for him to work don’t resolve the issue.
Frozing the IA with F3 and relaunching it don’t resolve the issue.
It’s not a issue on the wooden shield only

It’s also don’t seem to happens if i issue the order when the game is in pause.
The Lua usage make a huger jump in X2 speed.

So it’s maybe my computer:

CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K @4.00Ghz
RAM: 8,Gb
OS: Windows 8.1 x64
Video Card: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series
Free Disk Space aviable : 205gb
Game running via Steam
User Id : e54f52ac-2808-11e5-8cba-74d435bbe6fc

Here a screenshoot where the Lua + Lua cb overload at 200%