[Dev Blog] Testing and filling out the world



Awesome! Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

Quick Question: What things will stone be used for?

Ooh! Saving the game, AND pets! Plus rocks to throw at those pesky rabbits! >:D

Rocks as sling ammo?!

Awesome :smiley:!

Villager sees enemies at gate! “Guards!, Hurry!” Guard looks at enemies. “Men, get the rocks!”

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I was able to hook up the harvest task, AI, and stone resources in about an hour

i love reading about progress like this… certainly validates all the time you spend as a developer laying out the foundation and framework… kudos! :+1:

Stones? I feel a Mo’ Stones Mod needing to happen… maybe I’ll change my mod to the Mo’ Stuff Mod. Or maybe I’ll let someone else do that. I don’t know yet.

When you see ore @alfie will there be a mo’ ores with an I depth smelting system and smithing that’s also repeating or something

I actually have no idea if I’ll make a More Ores Mod… Even if I plan to, I need to fix More Trees first.

Edit: I thought of a pun for the name if I ever do make such a thing… M-ores… no? Okay…

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