[Dev Blog] Release 465

Heyho because i cant find the release infos :wink:

Here are them:

We’ve made an update to Alpha 12. Release 465 is now live on Steam.
This release fixes an issue many of you encountered with combat performance.
But wait, there’s more! By popular demand we’ve added two new window types: Wide Window Frame and Tall Window Frame. You’ll find them as recipes for the Carpenter.
And you’ll find many new wooden wall color choices in the building editor.

Bug FixesFixed bug that could cause major performance issues during combat.Other ChangesAdded recipes for the Wide Window Frame and Tall Window Frame.Added new wooden wall types/colors.


For Translators:

     "wooden_window_frame_tall": {
        "wooden_window_frame_tall_ghost": {
           "display_name": "Tall Window Frame",
           "description": "Extra height adds an air of elegance"
     "wooden_window_frame_wide": {
        "wooden_window_frame_wide_ghost": {
           "display_name": "Wide Window Frame",
           "description": "It's a panoramic view!"


        "wooden_window_frame_tall_recipe": {
           "description": "Extra height adds an air of elegance.",
           "recipe_name": "Tall Wooden Window Frame"
        "wooden_window_frame_wide_recipe": {
           "description": "It's got a panoramic view!",
           "recipe_name": "Wide Wooden Window Frame"

was added^^


Sounds like you got the Dev’s in a stealth update!
TY for the info Master translator!
Nice stealth action Stonehearth team!


And i’m on my way to see what’s going to happen now :smiley:
Thanks you one more time Radiant team :smiley:

Listen me Radiant, you did a REALLY nice job in this fix ! The performance are by FAR better than before and the stuttering effect is really done ! :smiley:
All my thanks for that, that was the main biggest problem i encounter to play “late game” !
Keep it up guyz :smiley:


Nice! The game is getting nice and smooth guys!