[Dev Blog] Alpha 10.5 Community Coolness



Kallagann (who hails from France) created this well-defended peninsula-based castle and market town. Take note of the town gate and the striped awnings in the marketplace. He didn’t create the peninsula location — he was the lucky beneficiary of encountering it naturally… though he does note that he clicked on the roll button “many times” to get this map!


I definitely should have backed up my old town before I deleted and reinstalled the game after a modding failure. Oh well, Alpha 11’s directly around the corner anyways!

It’s nice to see all the screenshots from here over on the official site!


Well, looks like I ended up missing the deadline. I just couldn’t fit a new project in this weekend due to my family’s Fourth of July party (I actually thought I might have had until next Tuesday, thinking that the spotlight might have been part of Desktop Tuesday–this was a lot sooner than I thought!).

I’m probably just going to wait until Alpha 11’s release, just to really use those new features. Expect some potential awesomeness, I have a few concepts in the works…