[Dev Blog] A Few Last Minute Features Before Alpha 4




lol i just got on and there was no desktop Tuesday and was about to get off then it showed up :-)!


@Avairian has one of these devices hooked up to his keyboards F5… :smile:

time to read up! :+1:

edit: really liked the “place an item” implementation… that will definitely come in handy!

edit #2: ladders!?! :heart_eyes_cat: squeeee!


Awww, I was reading it first as last few minutes before alpha 4. :disappointed:


Woot woot! Excellent update as usual. The game is looking really smooth through the blogs, I hope Alpha 4 is as stable as it appears. :smile:


My seven year old sister had the same reaction.

So did I :stuck_out_tongue: .


Dang you caught me :wink:

I’m really surprised Tom didn’t talk about the new roof material addition. I’m loving how this is shaping up, hopefully the bug fixes will make it run a little smoother on my pc.


Oh god me too. Now all I want is a massive mountain that I can build a twenty mile long ladder where villagers perish half way up.

Wait. What?


Do we need to call your therapist Geoffers? :laughing:


Nooo…, that is the cruelty of an tyrant. He is behaving perfectly normal. :smile:


He also didnt mention the new trap thingy button, oooo so excited.


indeed! but, was it on display in this video?


Stop looking at me.

Well, it was displayed a couple of times … it just wasn’t directly ‘on display’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: @sdee there’s a good question in the comments:


Will we be able to build ladders on the side of buildings? Obviously with a roof that sticks out you’re not gonna go anywhere, but with a flat roof?


In theory yes, but I haven’t tested if it works right now. :slight_smile:


Do it now! Faster! Run!


This update gives me so much hope, I can’t properly explain.


I have to leave you guys something to CSI over.

There’s another decently-significant cosmetic improvement that I didn’t mention, but you can see in the video if you look closely!


i feel the same my friend… and I would offer to explain those feelings in the universal medium that is dance… :dancer:

unfortunately, I’m stuck in a staff meeting…


For whatever reason, this has been one of the most exciting updates…. So i can understand you guys and your dancing urges. I think it’s just great to see everything coming together.


I may be wildly wrong with this but I want to take a stab at it anyway, it is new hair/facial hair styles? The blond guy has some epic mutton chops that I don’t recognize. Sorry if this is way off because I don’t want to end up as a guessing game.