Dev 2511 Anyone else get it?

Anyone else get it? or am I just ahead? If so what is in the gift! :slight_smile:

I guess I should also add - If it’s a mistake >.> I didn’t see anything…

I certainly did (And it interrupted a town I just started!)

Yeah 2509 has been released, I don’t know what this new version includes for certain but I can already notice an improvement in Hearthlings responsive rate, load for Pathings has greatly decreased while doing regular duties ( farming / crafting / picking up materials ) yet I see the load increases if one tries to go “Architect” mode.

Too bad my previous save game is no longer compatible.

:frowning: for the interrupted game, and save, But Happy for improvements :slight_smile:

We’re silently pushing a few changes to Steam latest. We’ll announce when it’s ready, but the in-game release notes are current.


Ty much! appreciate the work :thumbsup:

@8BitCrab, @Relyss could you delete this thread if needed pls n ty

here’s a screenshot for those who cant get in-game at the moment,

[quote=“Soul, post:6, topic:14920”]
could you delete this thread if needed
[/quote]i dont see a reason for this to be needed to be deleted.


Bleating sheep… so you guys added sheep that make noise? Awesome! However, I actually thought it said bleeding at first… oops!

The sheep had to go “Baaa”. It was a priority (for me at least ;P)!


Lol, the title needs to be change :slight_smile: 2511, nvm hehe

so , no more heartling stuck?

bleating sheep

my weekend is now complete… :laughing:


We’re still tracking down the stuck hearthlings problem.


You can place walls on structures now?!

YES… I’ve been needing this for so long!


now im going to sit back and wait for you to blow my mind again.


I got so lucky… I just finished making the base of my next big project, and the update almost caught the save file before I could make it into a construction template. Hopefully expect something this weekend!


On the building aspect - so far having a minor issue were if I combine the auto walls/floor/roof with slab building of walls floor and combining them it has a issue (not a bug cus I know you all are still refining the process, just a fyi). good day and ty again for the improvements :slight_smile:

it still is considered a bug, even if its being worked on. at least it should be.


@Atralane - Yeah, Stephanie said you guys wanted this. It took a bit to get it working properly. Note that roofs built over free-standing walls are still shorter in on one side… Also, I’d save before trying that ;). The roof code wasn’t designed to work over arbitrary wall loops and the wall normals might be screwed up.

Regardless, let us know how it goes and we’re all looking forward to seeing your new designs!


With that line of thought you could say that the whole game is a bug then… I’ll go with WIP work in progress.

Yeah that makes more sense… >.> having one of those days :stuck_out_tongue: