[Dev 2395 (x64)] Platformed Buildings Are So Last Season

Was trying to make an interesting storage building, and had an error begin to spam while I was building. Essentially, it’s 4 corner buildings connected in the middle by a hovering platform.

So to recreate this:

  1. Build multiple buildings.
  2. Connect them while in the build editor with a floating platform.
  3. Tell Hearthlings to build entire building.

AMD Phenom II X4 965 Processor, ~3.4GHz
16 GB PC3-12800
AMD Radeon HD 7770 (x2)
Crucial 256GB M4 SSD

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I think I saw this in one of the dev streams last week… Tony’s perhaps?

If you’re keen on building this in your next game, you’d need to build the supports first and then the platform. If I remember, it had to do with merging/connecting separate buildings

So make it five separate buildings basically? Just want to make sure I’m following as the design system called the entire thing one building.

Exactly. You’d need to build the bottom four, and then place the top platform, otherwise it’ll merge them.

Now it shouldn’t be an error, but we’re still at alpha 10. Hope more of these bugs get squashed so we don’t need to use workarounds