Detecting Equipped Ability

Is there a way to call the currently equipped ability? I have been reading through the code for ranged attack, and I want to find out how I could detect what ability/attack is currently being used. As far as I can tell it isn’t calculated until impact (there is evidence of work being done on this via the provision of another model for the slow arrow, but it isn’t used in-game). Does anyone have any idea as to how I would grab the equipped ability during creation of the projectile?

I know this is where it is assigned:

   -- get projectile uri from an equipped skill or the main weapon
   self._projectile_uri = equipment_data and equipment_data.projectile_uri or 
                          self._weapon_data and self._weapon_data.projectile_uri

However I want to know how I would go about detecting what ability is equipped. Thanks in advance for any help!!