Destruction of the city of Waytoocool

On the news today, a telluric incident (code name r2513) stroke the remote land of Onemoretest. The city under construction inside the canyon of Hereitsnice was totally destroyed. Dozens of Hearthlings are missing and many more were injured.
Authorities decided to evacuate the zone. Already some voices are asking for the reconstruction of the city as soon as possible.

More informations later.

(click for full size, muuch better! :relaxed:)


I know there a like button, but this is awesome landscaping!

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This is a terrific idea! You definitely should continue on this!


Did you dig out all that stuff?

Oh yes, you can bet it! Just need to find the right map. This one wasn’t ideal because the good spot was too close of the edge of the map…

Yes Sir! Of course not with the pickaxe but with instant mining. But even that way, that’s not so easy because you cannot remove a lot at once because you get some massive lags. And you need to be super concentrated because you can easily make a mistake without possibility of recovery… Anyway it’s pretty fun!


Yeah, I’ve been doing the same.
Since construction mod is so buggy I just find the “carving construction” better …

Love how you landscape to get the blueprint of your city and road map. thumbs up

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