Desktop Tuesday: The Black Cord


Oh so that’s what they’re called… “The Black Cord” faction, I get it now (was scratching my head at first there) … :wink:

I like the new assets, great job art team! I even have a ‘trophy’ candle stand from one displayed proudly on the top of our wall steps letting the undead know we’re more than capable of taking them out!

I haven’t noticed it since the last couple of updates but these new areas were spawning a bit too frequently there at first…the invasion of undead city was not so fun but they seem less frequent now or else my hearthlings just vanquished them back to their realm of darkness!


:slightly_smiling:Hope to see Black Cord in official Stonehearth Wiki for more detailed introduction. it’s so mysterious, what kind of guys are they!(Are there white cord? XD)