Delver's Drop update

for those of you who may have backed this project, they made a pretty stellar update today… this is sooo going to kill some time before the SH beta drops, and the world comes to a crashing halt happiness runs rampant through the internetz!

as a $15 backer myself, this particular paragraph caught my fancy… yes, my fancy!

The next major build v0.4.0 will be the first build that all Kickstarter backers at $15 and above will have access to. We don’t have a firm release date yet for this version, but the general timeline is within the next two weeks.

edit: annnnd, the beta is now available for beta backer folks! head to humble bundle to grab your copy… :+1:

Oh wait…delvers
Got excited and thought u ment SH

sorry for the confusion! yes, this is for Delver’s Drop… a neat little physics-based roguelike… :smile: