Deleting stuck orders keep the crafter stuck

@jomaxro having the same issue here, also isn’t their a console command to delete all the items they cant get to?
nvm on that command dump_inaccessible_items did not work

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@ThoroughbredFun, thanks for the save. I have no idea why your Blacksmiths aren’t crafting the forge. The items neccessary are certainly within reach, and you have plenty of them. I was able to get them to craft the forge (then place it so the ingots could be crafted) was to demote both blacksmiths back to workers, then promote them again. I’m going to ping @Relyss to see if she can figure out why they are “stuck”.

No, there isn’t a command to do this. At the moment, the game doesn’t “know” what items are reachable and what aren’t. It’s possible there could be a command like this in after A21 is released, as @not_owen_wilson’s reachability service might be able to determine this. The command dump_inaccessible_items doesn’t have anything to do with unreachable items, more like items that got “lost in the void” of the game. The command is old, and I’m pretty sure the bug it was created to debug has since been resolved.


I placed a slab with a forge and instabuilt it :stuck_out_tongue: they are using the forge

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This is interesting. Some questions:

-How did you get that anvil that’s on the stockpile, @ThoroughbredFun?
-Was that ghost forge placed with the building editor?
-In which order did you promote your blacksmiths? Seems that one of them has some experience, while the other has just been promoted. Did anything happen between that?
-Did you reach the inventory cap previously, on that savefile?

Normally this kind of stuck crafter would be caused by stealing of materials, but removing the in-progress order should work (or getting the missing ingredients again).
However in this case there’s plenty of stone and they don’t react to anything unless you repromote. :thinking:

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I didn’t know I had an anvil (no idea where he got the ingot for that)
Yes it was placed in the building editor.
I cannot remember the order but i promoted them at the same time.
I did reach the inventory cap in this save.

I think they crafted the anvil when i put it in a building plan

The blacksmith girl shouldn’t have been able to start crafting the copper ingots, if there was no forge placed.
How did she manage? Did you have one at some point, undeployed it and sold/destroyed it on accident, perhaps?
Very weird :frowning2:

I instabuilt one and then destroyed it cause they wernt using it

@Relyss This bug seems to happen any time I try to make an anvil or forge, do you recommend just starting a new save?

It’s a good idea, to see if it still happens on a new game.
I’m still trying to figure out what’s happening on your save.

Edit: Ok, I managed to reproduce it. Seems that once the crafter gets stuck on “crafting…” for whatever reason, if you delete those orders he will be permanently stuck and won’t want to craft anything.
The order is not deleted correctly, the crafter still needs to finish it.

Good catch!