Debugging Building Construction

I think most of us are always puzzled why certain buildings can build and certain buildings can’t build and there are no clear ways to understand what went wrong and the course of action to remediate problematic constructions.

I think it would be nice if the UI can have an advanced setting that would allow the player to drill into the reason a building cannot build instead of having all the hearthlings simply idling in a corner. One exact is using red colour outlines to point out obstacles that are hindering the building so the user can choose to use the destroy command or dig out the obstacles via mining if applicable.

I am trying to build a city wall and it seems the construction simply halted for no apparent reason. It was going fine a minute and the next it simply just won’t build anymore.

Below is the building I am trying to build:

And this is the current state:

It is built on an open surface and should have been rather straightforward to build a city wall which I am attempting to construct.

The floor tiles are not completed …

The scaffolding are not done …

And everyone’s idling…

It would be nice to have an advanced debugger for buildings as I mentioned above to highlight offending objects when the building construction is stucked.

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Strange you should mention this; @not_owen_wilson is currently working on exactly such a thing for his own debugging benefit. Also, can you send us a template of your problematic building?

I heard a rumor that he, is indeed, Owen Wilson.

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You would think that would be immediately dispelled by his name! Anyway, he chose it before we hired @yang. She too, was working at Google before coming to work on Stonehearth. Perhaps they are BOTH not_owen_wilson. :wink:


That could explain the @yshan / Vince Vaughn rumors…

How do I extract the template ?

Hi @tay_thotheolh,

Very strange–that definitely looks like it should easily build. Let’s see what’s wrong…

I think it would actually be more useful to get your save that contains the stopped building. To do this, you need to go to the ‘saved_games’ folder in your Stonehearth directory. Assuming you installed via Steam, you can get there by doing the following:

– Right click Stonehearth in your Steam library
– Select ‘Properties’
– Select the ‘Local Files’ tab
– Select ‘Browse Local Files’

In that directory, you’ll see the ‘saved_games’ directory. Inside will be a folder for each of your saves. Locate the one with the failing template, and then zip it and post it here as an attachment (if it’ll fit) or via a file sharing service like Dropbox.

Thanks for your help (and patience!)

Here’s the zip file. (9.4 MB)