Debris (Settlement) - Update: Debris gets utterly massacred

Heres a desert town I’ve been working on, trying to go for the cluttered style you see with third world countries. It’s pretty much finished in terms of what I set out to do, but i may post again with a larger town.

More screens:

It’s got some cool nooks and crannies

Terraced cornfield

At night

I have continued the town. MORE DOWN BELOW


Cool Town! You’re playing in peaceful mode right?
I especially like the look of the farm hill with the house on top.
You really managed to catch that “developing country style” :grin:

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really love the farm set-up. Also the tower shaped entrance above the stairs is a nice element

Really nice town! The different levels really complements the design, layout and building styles! Good job xD

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I’m playing normal mode

I was just asking because I can’t see any walls. Your footmen must be really well trained :grin:

Hey guys, I have continued the town since last time and it has grown to quite the size.

From the distance

Having a city like this creates a lot of cool little spaces withing the folds of the town:

The palace has a hole in the roof, which allows the sun to shine through at its zenith

The lighting in the top floor of the storehouse is my favourite. It seems so detached and tranquil in here for some reason.

The terraced farm has expanded to sell off surplus food for gold, of which debris now has over 20k of.

Pretty much the entire town came out of this furnace

It turns out that hearthlings react to members of the town dying, including pets. This is me finding out. Hopefully they’ll include pet snakes at some point

Market now has some flags

City at night with lights turned on

This game has helped me achieve all I’ve ever wanted and more out of a voxel based strategy game, and Debris can remain a testament to that forever. I will just be using the town only to test out new updates from now on. I find it unlikely to remain compatible until release, but you’ll be seeing Debris again if that day ever comes. Until then, it’s farewell.


wow, this town is just beautiful! i’m honestly stunned by your work in this town, an i’m glad you posted an update on the progress you made since we last saw it.

i look forward to seeing what else you make in the future.


Very cool!!!
Twenty characters.

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Did you plan your town to be like this or did it evolve into this great town?


I had the general style in mind but i didn’t plan it out any further than that

Hey guys, debris is back. And this time, everyone is in the process of getting slaughtered. I grabbed a few screenshots:

Pandemonium in the streets as two ogres and four kobolds systematically start killing everyone.

it takes a few in game hours to kill all 34 hearthlings

Any evidence of the once lively street is marked only by the gravestones of those that were cut down as they ran.

At least that’s what would’ve been if it hadn’t been only a terrible nightmare. Barir, one of the new migrants, is just having a sleepless night as he settles in. Debris lives on to fight another patch.

Overall, It was a fun fight. I had no idea what was happening for most of it, but I’m guessing that the newly upgraded footmen were too low level to fight the invaders. I’ll be updating the ‘thread for minor improvements’ with what i think will be some nice details for the aftermath of fights.


so said :slight_smile: hopefully they will recover

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Great settlement.
Not very common to see people building the Children.