Death's Passage

Death’s Passage
Needed some kind of name for this thing that i thought out today :slight_smile:
I recently started a new series with StoneHearth where i go on Hardmode and i thought about making this kind of building

I might reconfigure it later and make small tweaks but the general thing is there.
Pretty much you put this at the Entrance of Your Wall and this will be the passage that each enemy will have to take since they only break doors not walls for the moment atleast.

Open up front so the enemy can walk inside to the first door and walls ontop to protect from range enemies to shoot at your Archers from outside Deaths Passage forcing everyone to come through the passage

Archers have free passage at both sides and can even walk over the doors ways and rain down their arrows on the enemies

I maybe overdid the amounts of doors for this one but it’s easily changeable if wanted bigger space between each wall/door

Template (18.4 KB)


Porcupine Passage. Always a Pin Cushion way… :stuck_out_tongue: Nice little extension taking advantage of the door bashers… :smiley:

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I usualy call these type of structures Killing Ground, pin cushion style. :wink:
Nice one.

Have Fun, Kyth.