[Dear Tom] Live Stream 4PM PST - Feb 14th 2014

as mentioned in today’s Desktop Tuesday, we’ll have another live stream this Friday!

Hi guys. Work continues on the Trapper, our second character class. In order to give the Trapper some victims friends to play with, I’ll be modelling a bunch of critter variants, and streaming the whole thing at Twitch.

archive of tonight’s stream…

the topic will be modelling the trapper and related critters, so feel free to post your questions here… :+1:

please note: random comments of “heck yeah!”, while appreciated, will likely be removed to help focus on the questions… :smile:

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some other helpful conversions:

Oslo (Norway) = 01:00 AM
Berlin (Germany) = 01:00 AM
Amsterdam (Netherlands) = 01:00 AM
Sydney (Australia) = 11:00 AM Saturday
Paris (France) = 01:00 AM
Moscow (Russia) = 03:00 AM
London (England) = 00:00 AM

Will the trapper be able to defend himself against goblins and big game?

Will trappers (and later classes in the tree) be the only units that can be coordinated for safely hunting bigger, more dangerous game? Or will it be possible to rally normal settlers/other workers to work with a single trapper as their “leader”, and directly assist with attacking and hauling hunted materials as a group?

I was wondering if such an idea could lead to an “entourage” or “follow” command, where a controllable unit such as a trapper or soldier can specifically lead others in times of emergency or for gathering convenience.

I’m having Deja Vu here . . .

Didn’t this happen a week or so ago?

I know, aren’t we so spoiled?? :wink:

Will the trapper have an inventory limit, if so will it be by number of items or size? As in a bunny pelt is small so you could carry more compared to a bear pelt or would it just be all items are the same size?

Edit: for any who missed the live stream: yes there will be and it will be based on number of items not size, you will eventually have to bring your trapper back to a stockpile to empty his inventory,

I would expect it to be by quantity, not size, since that is how the stockpiles operate.

Since it’s friday, I might be able to be there at 01:00AM so these are my questions :3

Looking back at the whole development of the game, how do you guys feel about the progress yourself?

Will we be able to put the trapper on an auto-hunt mode where we don’t have to micro him to hunt?

What does an average work-day look like, would you say you guys are working on the game more, around, or less than 40 hours a week per person?

Do you know most of us think it’s awesome what guys are doing?:smiley:

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I reask my question and I hope you could answer it =P

How will you manage the creation of building (customization) like the fortress or just simple house? Will it be like your videos on your Youtube channel?

Can we expect a fisherman and boat? because you plan to add water I was thinking about it.

Could we build walls more developped to defend us?

Could we see the differents skills of our citizens in their character sheet, their experience and their efficiency at their job?

What kind of scenarios do you plan to add at the game?

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Will the Big Game Hunter still concern him/herself with smaller animals? Or would early promotion be a bad idea as it would leave the settlement short on small game hunters?

You mentioned that the focus is away from Micromanagement. Will there be a GUI for crafting, controlling farmers, trappers, hunters, and their work areas, etc? Will I have to find the carpenter’s workshop every time I want to craft something, or can I press a button at the side of the screen and have any carpenter craft it?

Many thanks.

Some feedback on the modding manifesto thread would be appreciated I think.


@RepeatPan wrote quite a bit there, and I had a few suggestions too ( :slight_smile: ). Also have a look at the posts at the end by @Ramcat and @Miturion .

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I requested that twitchTV ad StoneHearth to the gaming list. And a week ago i got the confirmation.

So now you can reach out to more people on twitchTV :smiley:


yes, would be nice if he would answer those. But answering @RepeatPan’s ones will take the who;e stream :smile:

good work :thumbsup:

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What happened to the weaver? I thought it was the next class to be implemented?

I’m maybe able answer this. We have kind of come to an agreement with Team Radiant that is longer lasting and easier to use for us both, which is

So instead of going once through that huge list that I (and others) wrote, I’m collecting the most pressing questions and proposals every week, wrap them up in a nice, comprehensible and short package and send them over.

I haven’t gone through the modding manifesto yet and re-added all entries as I’m somewhat busy with Jelly. If you want something to be added, however, be sure to propose it in that thread - and I’ll take a look at it immediately. I expect to get all entries in the modding manifest into the requests by Sunday, but it might become next week.

It’s a long-term solution that hopefully benefits both modders and the developers. :smiley:

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I believe it will be pushed out simultaneously with the trapper, at least that’s the way I understood it. Not because they were holding back on the weaver, but because they made good progress on the trapper and can give us both in the same major release. :blush:

At least that’s the way I understood it. If I’m completely wrong I deny having said any of this…

The Desktop Tuesday (and other days) update is great, but it only gives one perspective, usually from either Tom or Stephanie. Could we get a quick update on what each member of the team is working on and what their next projects are?

  • Will there be an in-game class tree where we can see what do we need to upgrade our villagers to get to any class??

  • **What features needs the game to be in a Beta Stage? **

  • **What will happen when we vhop all the trees in the map?? how do we get more wood?? **

  • **What are those extra things we’ll see in the map that you mention in the dev blog?? **

Thanks for answering these!! you’re making a great job with the game!! :smiley:

Thanks for the insight.

If it is wrong, I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of said post.

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Will wild animals gradually replenish their own populations in-game so that it isn’t too much of a finite resource?

Will it be possible for some domesticated animals to become guard animals to assist your footman/other warriors?

Also you guys are the best, keep up the great work! Mad respect.