[d-1633] Moving table crushes the game

After setting up a table somewhere, if I try to move it somewhere else, the game crashes for me. I made another game and the bug repeated easily.

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Confirmed, only happends with the regular dining table tho, the table for one works fine.

here’s the error I got:

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Title: Alpha 5, D1633 - C++ Exception

Summary: I loaded a previous save for my town and when I tried to move a dining table to make room for a house I got an C++ error.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load a previous save of a town
  2. Move an object (in my case, a dining table)

Expected Results: table gets moved

Actual Results: c++ error and AI crashes.


Versions and Mods: Alpha 5, D1633. No Mods.

System Information: Win7 Pro x64, Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, 16gb ram

I also had this problem when trying to move picket fences.

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I can second this also. Tried to move a fence to place a gate and it bombed.

When any object that I have already placed once and try to move the game then crashes shortly afterwards. Not sure if this has been reported yet.

Can’t reproduce this here in 1658 (which version are you running BTW?), but is it a particular object? Fence gates etc have caused issues before now…

Never mind it has already been discussed. I get these same error codes.

Yes 1658 and it is when I move fences and dinner tables.