Custumizable ranks

While there has been a LOT of talk about having a king etc it probably wont happen.
So I say why not make some yourself.
For an example

1 King
2 Baron
3 Lord
4 Bff
5 normal

Theese are my custom ranks. If I want to I can make ranks have benefits,
like only baron rank or over van enter this house.
Only Lords can sleep in this bed etc.
Or if you want to go even further and set conditions a hearthling have to do to get promoted. Like kill 10 goblins or harvest 10 berries.

Or even further where diffrent classes have diffrent ranks. Example:

2 Bae
3 general
4 soldier


1 King
2 Mudman
3 Lord
4 Farmer

People with same (number) rank have the same amount of benefits(exception for “only this rank can…” Things)

Ofcourse everything here(entire post) is optional. And sorry for bad language I am very tired.

I’ve cleaned up the post, but please do refrain from the language… tired or otherwise… :wink:


@SteveAdamo Thank you very much.

or if you’re French.

Best Friends Forever?

@BrianNZ That is correct.