Customized Mayor/King/Emporer

So i was thinking about this.

We all have talked about a new class the Mayor/King/Emporer

lets just go simple

When you start a new game, you get to make a custom Hearthling that fits you, he/she represents you.

They dont really do anything but roam town, its you

An item can be made like a chair and desk that u place, and the mayor will sit and look like they are working

Other then that thats it, no buffs no advantages. again its just representing you. they do eat/sleep as ever hearth has to eat/sleep :jubilant:

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Would it not be more interessting if this had some sort of impact on the game?

I mean, if its just to have a heartling to represent you, cant you then just be the carpenter or one of the others?

no mayor, im stubborn, well techinally its just a avatar and well u are making the town/city/kingdom so ur the mayor/king/emporer lol


You want to do little how camps of monsters with his boss? I find the idea rather good. Later he could give more satisfaction to the villagers or the better one stat for the fights.

Well, I think you can make this collaborate with Tier 2 quest: you have an idle mayor at first, but after Tier 2 quest, depend on how you made it your mayor get promoted to give your town a buff:
Church/Trade(for RC): become Bishop/Caravaneer, normally works like a cook, give buff on mood, can start feast that buff mood a lot for a few days, at cost of a lot of food (Festa festa!).
Military/ Mystery(for RC): become captain, give courage and willpower buff,can use all knight’s gears to fight, although much more powerful(You’re not PREPARED!).
Crafter:become High Technician, give buff on fine products and diligence, can collaborate with corresponding craftsmen to gain access to many hidden crafting recipies, from in-red furnitures to costly but powerful moon bow, crafted with steel and silver. When those items are built, craftsmen are working while High Technician are instructing (or"helping" if you prefer friendlier words) at craftsmen’s side(If you have knowledge, you have all the cards).

In fact I want to be a little bit more cohesive to the game’s lore, so Trade and Mystery may should end in “advanced mayors” have powers different from church and military, but so far I can’t come up with one.

Also, If the mayor is player’s avatar, what if he/she dies?

Good evening everyone, I would like to ask you all to find my original post on the mayor class since we got a lot of helpful feed back. It goes more indepth on this subject.

actually this more goes back to 2013 lol New class - Leader (chieftain, king, etc)

I see, well again feel free to check out my post on it. I feel the feed back from the community was very insightful. New class idea: Mayor

Well, I read the post and it seems the conclusion is:
1, never gate control behind a hearthling.
2, A hearthling does not do work is not a good hearthling, even for mayor.

So you may like my solution I posted above: mayor as a minor job?
In short, in addition to mayor’s current job(blacksmith, footmen, etc), mayor also provide overall buffs and do a “Mayor job” when needed.
Bishop/Caravaneer: Organize feasts.
Captain: Fight as a knight powered up.
High Technician: instruct other craftsmen at their side for hidden recipies.

Do you think this is a new idea from your old threads?