Custom Dining Pavilion problems

Everything was going so smoothly with Alpha 6 until my intrepid colonists (read: lazy stinkin’ bums!) refused to build their new dining pavilion! What went wrong?


What it boils down to is that our settlers are pretty brainless at this point. They can go up one block and down two, so you need to put ladders one at a time on each of the pillars. The real problem will be the roof. Settlers don’t naturally build scaffolds for slabs. I don’t think it is currently possible. Especially the way it sticks out one row in each direction, as well as being suspended in the air.

It may be possible using some glitch or something, maybe an ‘expert at exploiting’ will post below.

paging @chimeforest @Teleros @coasterspaul @Pandemic @Miturion @Atralane and any other exploiters out there.


Agreed with TurtleSquish–apparently settlers only put up scaffolding for actual walls. Since your structure didn’t have any wall components, and was only composed of slabs, the “hey, put up scaffolding, ya ding-dong” logic didn’t kick in.


Looks like you’ll have to build ladders for them to finish the pavilion.

Ouch, I feel left out…

Well, from my experience, layering slabs should work for a building; it’s possible the reason it didn’t work is designating the whole “pillar” for the roof together, which may be confusing the pathfinder. So far, I’ve built slab structures at once and in individual layers, but I can’t say if there’s any improvement to be see between them (although the second method increases your total “building count” (each floor counts as a building), which currently spikes the pathfinder processing if done too much). I’d also recommend building the manual ladder scaffolds up every time you can, as this is probably the more likely culprit (like @TurtleSquish mentioned).

One thing I would recommend for slabs as roofs that stretch over a building’s walls or supports is to leave a gap next to one of the pillars so the settlers won’t accidentally trap themselves by blocking the way down. Once it’s done, put another ladder on part of the finished overhanging part and seal off the old access point.


I did my best to rectify the situation :wink:

And this is why you get the title “master builder”


You’ll probably have to keep placing ladders on one side of each pillar until those are all built up, and then build a ladder off of one of those ladders to reach the roof. They get the roof done without any problem.

A similar structure I tested in the good kingdom of Berryburg, with some of the pillar ladders removed.


That looks like it will work :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for the replies!

Seems the villies are just dumb as stumps right now so I suppose I’ll try to keep things simple.

Pretty sure I did try the ladders but it didn’t work–couldn’t raise them any higher than 2 blocks–but I’ll try again.



Edit: Correct answer was already stated above. Ladders need to be built on all sides simultaneously. They will not start building the next layer until the layer beneath it is completed (even if they are unconnected, like the pillars).

P.S. subbed!

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This right here is why you’re all awesome. +4 internet points for everybody.


Well, I scrapped the original design and removed the overhang. Still can’t get ladders built higher than 2 blocks on the pillars though. The villies won’t build beyond the 2nd block and I can’t stack the ladders any higher either. :frowning:

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The key to completing a pavilion is ladder spamming. Place ladders on all pillars simultaneously.

Horrible quality video of building a pavilion: Stonehearth Pavilion
Notice that I keep switching placing ladders on the back and front pillars. Then to allow the citizens to build the top, I place a ladder on a ladder (Sort of like Minecraft signs…)


Its possible its a path finding bug, I’ve gotten that kinda thing once or twice. Maybe try making it on a different map?

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You seem to be doing something different for the roof. Are you placing a slab roof first and then adding floor “strips”? It’s going too fast! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I didn’t try spamming ladders on all of the pillars simultaneously so maybe that’s a thing…


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I am just modifying the strips of wood by using the ‘floor’ tools ability to replace voxels. Otherwise I would need to delete the voxel first before adding new ones with the ‘slab’ tool.

This just saves a bit of time when editing a structure.

Hope all these comments from the community help.

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If you can ever get the Pavillion to work, would you mind giving a shout-out to the Discourse as a whole :blush: ?

of course! Already planned to but frankly, I’m wary of even bothering continuing with the LP with Alpha 6. This sort of trial & error takes a tremendous amount of what little time I have available for Youtube. :frowning: Either way, I really do appreciate the help and this community is truly a beacon of light among so much toxic garbage out there!


I hope it doesn’t come to this, but I understand why it is necessary.

Greatly touched by your words :slight_smile:

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Perhaps revisit Stonehearth in a few months? Or do an Alpha 7/8/9 video showing off some of the stuff, and then when the game is stable enough for an LP of decent length, start posting a new series.

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