Custom Building Placement Inconsistencies


When designing a custom house and then saving it as a template, it will sometimes generate a “buffer zone” of sorts on one or more sides (but never all) that prevent placement too close to other objects, like other buildings, cliffs, or trees.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Design a custom building in the building editor
  2. Save it as a template
  3. Rotate a few times and attempt to place near a cliff/building/tree

Expected Results:
My example design here is symmetrical on 4 sides. Therefore, it should have the same placement “buffers” all around the building.

Actual Results:
Two sides (in this case) require significantly more buffer area than the other two.

This has happened before in other saves on some custom non-symmetrical buildings as well.


^This is the closest I can place the building to the cliff on one side…^

^…but if I rotate again I can place it flush against the side of the cliff.^

^Same with this side.^

^I rotated it once again and the buffer changed again.^

I know you can’t see the mouse cursor in the screenshots, but believe me, those are the closest points where I can place to the cliff without turning red.

This doesn’t prevent the building from being built correctly, however. It just has some quirks about WHERE it can be built.

I will provide save and templates if needed.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Dev-2807, Vanilla

System Information:
Intel Core i7-4910 MQ, 2.90GHz
RAM: 8.0 GB DDR3
Quadro K2100M
64 bit OS

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Can you upload your template so we can test it? Maybe it happens with very specific features.

Here are three templates that I’m having trouble with. Basic House 2 is just Basic House with the doors and windows to help differentiate the sides since the design was identical, and is the one in the screenshot. I figured I might as well upload Basic Cottage as well, which has the same problem without being symmetric.

Basic Cottage
Basic House
Basic House 2

I don’t know if this is relevant, but in building them, what I did was create a custom floor template of 15x15 to use with (almost) any medium to small building and eraser tool to adjust sizing. Then I added walls and did not add roofs. Instead, I used the slab tool to achieve the look of buildings rendered in Qubicle rather than in-game. Maybe the slab-based roofing might be what’s causing the problem?

EDIT: On another note, I tested these templates on different saves, and they still have the same problem. The bug isn’t fixed by reloading the game nor is it save-specific.

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Totally off topic but welcome to the discourse! :slightly_smiling: