Currently the A21 Has a Game End?

Hello, well, I probably realized that A21 does not have a way to finish, that is, you are submitted to stopping the game when you feel better … this is bad, because you with all possible efforts built a city to be abandoned? , I wanted to know if I have to finish the A21 even though he’s in Alpha? :slight_smile:

Not quite sure what point you are trying to make. Are you afraid that hearthlings will abandon your city when they get too happy?

There is no finale to the game as of now, the only real ‘game over’ is when all your hearthlings die. Even then there is no real message. I wouldn’t call this a problem right now, we are still in alpha.

I think the question could be: When we change to the next alpha version, do the town @Colloseus is working on now, get deleted or broken somehow? Or if he can continue with the town in the next alpha?
Is this correct or?

If that is the question. It probably doesn’t. But never the less its always good to make a backup of your saves, just to be sure

Dear @Colloseus

Currently A21 does not have a “game-over” or “end-game” function.

The forum has a searchfunction for these kind of things.



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