Cultures 2, The Forerunner of Stonehearth

Has anyone on this forums played Cultures 2? Its a VERY old game that had very similar game elements to Stonehearth! (Cultures 2 was what made me want to play Stonehearth!)

  • Build a settlement of people who work and produce items.
  • Each person is defined by a Class that does specific things depending on his class.
  • People can be equipped with items such as Armor, Weapons, Jewelry, or Potions to help them.
  • Slowly build structures over time using materials gathered.
  • Tame Animals and use them for carrying goods or leather.
  • Wage wars with other NPC or Human kingdoms.

And the list goes on! There are two sequels to the game that had very different stories but used the same graphic style. Northlands And 8th Wonder of the World, You can get a download of them from Gamestop for $10. Sure, the game isn’t in 3D, but if your really itching to play Stonehearth, this Forerunner will keep you entertained until Stonehearth is Preview-Released, and then some!

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i have to admit, this is a new one to me… and thanks! i’m watching some videos on youtube… there are quite a few LPs on it! :smile:

More than welcome, @SteveAdamo! I assure you its a great game.

I’m attempting to reinstall Northlands using Gamestops PC Download App, but unfortunately I had bought that game on my old gaming computer and that computer has since died, so now there Is the troubling process of making my new laptop my main computer (Which is made even more difficult, due to it refusing to send the friggin one-time code you need ! :frowning:

Ehem, my apologies for that little rant.