Crested Rock Alpha 13

Welp started a new game, just going on the whim here lol

The way im setting up RC for me, is I think that there main Operation would be in a cave building area. for cooling and to handle trade. If i can and the game allows it w/o fully bugging out, then they would expand to outside with dwellings and crafters for trading. I feel Rc is more Open, (so less doors)

As you can see the is the entry way to the Main Building, built in that Crested Rock (aka where the name derives from) trying to keep the natural surrounding for RC

Inside the Build i have the entry way built with their main focus of the Potter Room, There is a road in there. from there it will lead to a few bed rooms( will change once individuals dwellings get done) a natural platfrom to the right will be farms, and eating area and stock room, but that is coming slowly.

The Potter Shop is connected separately to the main entry way with the road

More focus on the Potter shop, there is a watering hole (and yes actual water is in the hole, a pain to get to happen) to help him make clay items, as i believe it take water to mold. And the stock room

A more closer look of the Potter shop lite up


I love it! The floor designs are amazing and I love the entry. And the water? What can I say, that is some serious dedication getting it inside. The lighting is so warm and cozy too!

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How did you do that, @micheal_handy76_mh, if you don’t mind me asking?

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it’s 2 deep, they would walk it all the way. just they kept doing it 1 hearthling at a time lol, and would get stuck here and there

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this looks awesome ~

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as usual, gorgeous work @micheal_handy76_mh … clearly keeping true to your well deserved title… :wink:

i just love how natural the space looks already… cant wait to see where you take this! :+1:


Worked a few more hours,

got stockroom, dinning hall and bedrooms done for now. Start of kitchen for cook

The work in progress


Work in progress on dinning hall

Lighting it up

Dinning hall and start of kitchen

What it looks like on flat mode


Slowly working on kitchen, have to wait for carpenter. but got a few builds done, made a farming area, added the Mason house (to get to BS then to Carp. and a hearthling dwelling.