Crenulated roof on walls(free standing) crash building editor

crenulated roof on walls(free standing) crash building editor
Steps to reproduce:

  1. create freestanding wall
  2. then go to the stone tab in the roof selector and then click the crenulated roof and add that onto your wall
  3. This crashed the build editor and if you try to add a slab where it wouldn’t build then it crashes more, then if you hit undo it won’t let you place any more freestanding walls

Expected Results:
no roof placement at all
Actual Results:
crash in the build editor


Version Number and Mods in use:
alpha 14 (dev build 2797)
System Information:

@Yosmo78, with the rapid speed that we have received Alpha 14 builds (3 in 6 days!) can you please confirm the exact version you are playing?

yup sorry bout that wanted to get report up as soon as possible and forgot to put the version it is 2797 I will make the change myself

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No worries! Thanks for the update.