Creating road spikes lua

So I wanted to pre plan my village’s road layout. And made something like this.

However, as soon as I started the build project, Lua spiked.
It didn’t seem like that big of a project so I don’t know why it does this.
The spike ranges from around 65% - 98%

Here are my specs :
SysInfo.txt (925 Bytes)


Aside the technical business, I like your design!


I suspect the problem is all the diagonal bits. I saw one of the devs say somewhere else that the game is not optimised for jaggedy shapes atm and diagonal bits are made with lots of corners.

I started up a new game and made this very small bit of road with many corners on it. The results speak for themselves.


I like to try to make my hearths look pretty haha. I’ve tried different styles for different parts of the map. My favourite so far has been a ledge village (A stretch of land spanning a mountainside that stuck out by a 1 plot width)
Had paths 2 squares wide zig zagging between buildings which faced each other. Looked really cosy close up. Wish I took a screen cap of it before things bugged out and the game died haha.

I see, right that explains it then I guess.
I was thinking to myself that I wanted diagonal doors. (Too make like a restaurant on the corner, cool yeah?)

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Here are a couple tips when building roads/floors and mining:

  1. Large mining zones or large roads/floor (e.g. greater than 50x50) will have an impact on performance. If you break the mines or roads into smaller projects this will help a lot.
  2. Using the patterned road/floor brushes on large areas is a bit slower than using the single color brushes.
  3. Diagonal roads are ok. Just don’t go crazy mining out individual blocks everywhere.

Hope this helps!