Create a large community with a teamspeak?

Hi, i want to create a teamspeak server for all of the stonehearth player, and for all country. Can you tell me your notice ?


Sadly… And shamefully; i’m not so fimilliar with Team speak
Could you let us/me know what it is and how it works?

Ps: Also we need a ‘Notice’? (What is that?) Isn’t teamspeak more like a host and join thing?

And to be frank; i’m not sure if there’ll be a lot of contributors.
I dunno; this community doesn’t feel like a Voice-Chating type


Teamspeak is like the Name said an Programm where you can speak with other people like Skype. There you can buy a Server for your Team/Organisation and login. Also you can Set a pushtotalk Button so that you can play with lots of people without a total confusion (when it has correct rules xD)

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Sorry i’m french, my English was nos really good, notice is like an answer, “avis” in french

And the voice chatting is for play with everyone and when the multiplayer was implant, voice chatting can be awesome ! I pay the Teamspeak, there are not any probleme with that :wink:


This is the IP of the teamspeak :

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Why not use Discord and not have to pay for a server?

The Discord ? What do you mean ?

Discord uses more cpu than teamspeak.

I look Discord and i prefer teamspeak for the look. And i don’t pay really much for the Teamspeak.

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Discord is performant though, and stonehearth should be able to run alongside it. Generally, with voip, you’re more concerned with hogging network and cpu than memory.

You can connect on the teamspeak if you want to talk with community

I would but you’re probably the only one on and I speak English not French :confused:

I speak French maybe the teamspeak is for all the country and i speak english to ^^

i say discord is better then ts the look of the UI is better its easy to use and its just far better then teamspeak where even on voice activation mode you dont have to hear all of the thing that people do in the background its just so smooth

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