Crash when xbox controller not plugged in

I figured out the fix, but wanted to let y’all know if you have not run into this.

I have been having the game close to the desktop when trying to load a saved game for the past few days. The crash happened as soon as I clicked on continue or when I clicked on load from the save game menu. But, I found the work around for this problem. A buddy and I started up another game which i needed my xbox controller for and played. When we were done, I tried Stonehearth again and it worked (the xbox controller was still powered on at this point.) I closed the program and went to another game with my buddy and after went back to Stonehearth it would not work. That’s when I made the connection. Currently, I have to have the controller powered up and running with USB connected (it is a wireless xbox one elite controller) to load a saved game.

Like I said, I didn’t know if you had run into this, but I wanted to make you aware. And it is possible that the problem is on my end also.

I can not upload because I’m a new user, but in the crash log these few lines stand out.

simulation.remote_client | started buffering client updates. (seq:107 ack:97)
resources | Modules are verified pristine.
core.system | not tested C:\rb\ihome\root\SH-OB0-BUILD\stonehearth\source\game_engine\legacy_game_engine\horde_render_node.cpp 160
browser | Load error: -3
lua.code | Shutting down script host.
lua.code | Script host destroyed.
sysinfo | Memory Stats: Fatal Exception
sysinfo | Total System Memory: 31.927 GB (34281664512 bytes)
sysinfo | Current Memory Usage: 1.269 GB (1362096128 bytes)
sysinfo | Total Address Space: 128.000 TB (140737488224256 bytes)
sysinfo | Available Address Space: 127.998 TB (140734835834880 bytes)
sysinfo | Used Address Space: 2.470 GB (2652389376 bytes)

Versions and Mods:

version 23 alpha, no mods

System Information:

Windows 10
Nvidia GTX1080

Love the game, its fantastic! Y’all are doing great work!


PS. If you need anything, let me know and I will do the best to help out.