Crafting Costs (new version)

LOVING the new version but…I have a question or 2…and a discussion to be had.

So why does the “reinforced wooden door” cost the same as a normal “wooden door”

same with the windows.

I feel that the crafting costs are a bit too cheap.

At least make the special doors and windows cost more.

What do you guys think?

I think they are mostly for asthetic and comparing the cost to how much wood you need to actually make a building it’s quite reasonable really

But the reinforced door costs the exact same as a normal door, I guess I’m weird for thinking it shoudl be more expensive, but think about it for a sec.

Its just odd that something that supposedly “reinforced” cost the same as a non-reinforced version.

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yeah I see where you are coming from

I don’t currently have access to my computer so I can’t remember but how much wood does it take to make a 5x5 building (7x7 with walls)? this is related I promise

compare how much that takes to how much a door takes

Yer, I haven’t played in a while but the ‘reinforced’ items have nothing special about them other than simply looking different right? Or are they actually “stronger” than their standard counterparts. It’s probably a bit redundant to make two items that are the same apart from their looks to have different material costs.

Your point stands though, but only when there are actual differences in the physical qualities of the items.

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Honestly, I’d just assume all costs are temporary at this stage. After all, it’s easy to be wallowing in more oak logs than you could possibly need ATM, so I reckon that once Radiant have more stuff in place they’ll go back over the costs of everything.


This is true I suppose.