Crafters doesn't craft, builders doesn't build, haulers doesn't haul (most certainly due to a forgotten mod installed)


Surely someone else is having this problem. This is maybe just a path bug or some minor bugs.

Game version: Alpha 13
Steam [X]


I’ve booted up Stonehearth to begin my Rayya’s Children’s journey. All went well, got a few potters doing their work, a mason, a smith and a few farmers and a hunter. My desertly looking town, with 20+ citizens, was about to come to light when builders stopped to build certain buildings just in the outskirt of the town. Some buildings have been done before others who have been ordered to be build far, far, far long before the second one. Now a few farm fields are not even being fertilized even if its next to another one. 3 farmers should be able to handle 6-7 medium fields? Also roads have not been finished, even if I have 155 chunk of stone in my storage. I have a regular look to see I have enough wood and clay bricks for the houses. There are still a few where only the foundation is built. A few days now all the builders got “Idle”, there’s no known holidays what I’m aware of?

I just love the red and blue pot-storages. But now Haulers doesn’t take wild berries or stone chunks and store these in the pots. The pots are not full, some are even empty and in this case they are allowed to store stone and berries… I tried to put up a few default storage places, no change.

Crafters on the other hand have also been on a vacation, the crafting order still says they are beeing “crafted” by the crafters. In the Citizens panel they most of the time just stand idle in the “town square”. slams my hand in the sandstone table.

Miners, oh praise the gods, do their jobs, to a certain point. Some areas in a certain radius from the base wont be finished and alot of mining operations have been cancelled and re-opened and cancelled and etc…

Otherwise, I love it, since Alpha 1 to 13. I still try to solve it, see why they dont do much during the day, some work during the night and mostly just are annoyed why there is nothing to eat when my storage is filled with finished food. :smiley:

I guess there is issues in having a lot of citizens in a not so large town at this point - or then I’m doing something wrong… Thanks if there some helping minds out there o/

Still don’t know if I rank this as a support or a support/bug report. Yes the citizens do their jobs, when they find they like to do it. If they have a short memory of where they put that chunk of stone in that pots of a houndred, and 64 chests, or if a default stockpile would resolve it, but why use a stockpile when pots and chests are so much more interesting.


Edit: this is due to the decor mod most certeinly, I have totally forgot that I even installed it 5 months ago.

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