Cr*p everywhere

0.24.0 Release 860 via Steam

Just tried MP for the first time. Other two players did not have this as bad as I did but there were materials blocks strewn everywhere. I was running as a client. Hearthlings ignored hundreds of blocks or dropped them in random spots. Storage areas and containers were completely broken trying to use filters to control contents. Some things placed correctly, other identical items not. Turning off a filter item did not cause them to be removed. Some storage areas were entirely ignored. Crafters would often go far afield to collect a block to fulfill a recipe or never agree that a highly available resource was actually available.

Correct cleanup of scattered resource blocks has been a problem for years now and it is completely broken for MP. I haven’t tried SP for this alpha yet to compare.

Others have noted an obvious memory leak problem that I see as well. RAM climbs steadily while sitting idle or even in pause mode.