Cpu stuck at 100%, 7 hearthlings

Just two days into my new alpha 17 playthrough (new game, no previous version loaded), my cpu got stuck at 100%. It’s split between bfs(~70%) and jobkeeping (~30%). This is quite normal when approaching my max hearthlings level (approx 25) but I have not seen it this early. More interestingly it does not resolve by pausing the game. Normally this fixes itself after keeping the game paused for 10-30s. This time I waited 15min without i cpu decreasing. It is also present even after saving and loading.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. ??? The only unusual thing I did was gathering herbs a bit farther away than usual.

Expected Results:
Cpu does not spike to 100%, or if it does, it should recover after a few seconds with the game paused. A save and load should fix it for sure.

Actual Results:
Cpu is stuck at 100% even after 10min paused. Also at 100% after saving and loading.



Save game:
1468594284011.7z (3.2 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods, Stonehearth 0.17.0 release 584

System Information:
Windows 10 i7 cpu, more details on request.

Wow, something is definitely going wrong. @not_owen_wilson, could you take a look if you have a moment b/w building stuff? The rest of us can also check it out when we get back to the office next week.

I’ve noticed similar lagging when I’m above 10 hearthlings, sometimes only a few moments, other times permanent until I restart the game.

Thanks for the save! Our item finding and path systems got their wires crossed; the item finder basically decided it had nothing left to do because it had explored the whole world, but the pathfinding system disagreed, because it still had tiles left to check. That stuck CPU usage was, effectively, their disagreement. I’ve got them playing nice now…


in the meantime you can try this for a quick fix


Could this be related to Herbalist idle when there's too much work ?

When I reproduced the bug from this link, I felt like the crafter wasn’t picking the ingredients for some reason, but I wasn’t sure if it was the pathfinder or something in the ai.