Conversation make them too sad :(

So it seem that conversation are making the hearths, really seem to sad, maybe to the point a lil too much. The town i have (which is on peaceful setting), everyone talked and then they all disagreed with each other then ran around all sad too much

such a sad community, i would suggest lighten it up a bit


Just don’t set them on fire all at once.


cleric recipe prozac ?


Poor hearthlings :frowning:

I haven’t really understood why coming to a disagreement in a conversation makes your hearthlings sad, a disagreement in an argument sure. But disagreeing in conversation is how you learn, when someone challenges your ideas and makes you rethink them and get a better understanding about the topic.
Why is this a bad thing? maybe hearthlings don’t like thinking and they are just robots :open_mouth:

You also find out more about someone when you disagree rather than agree, it says more about both participants character, though there manner of response.

Maybe having the topic of the conversation be the deciding factor of the hearthlings mood outcome for the conversation, if it is about cake and they either agree or disagree then they can both come away happy, it’s cake. but if it is about Jimmy losing his leg to a varanus last week then they will both be sad whether one thinks it was Jimmy’s fault or not.