Constant Starving Alerts

I’ve been getting a lot more alerts as of late saying Citizens are starving or can’t find food. I’m playing on normal speed and if I click on the alert popup the moment it pops up, I’m almost always finding a citizen sitting and eating food. Like seriously? lol I have plenty of food and they even are eating when I click on them. Why are they working to the point of starvation? Why does the alert go off while they are eating and clearly found food? Is there something I can change in my mod that will adjust the value/trigger for when the alert goes off or when they actually eat vs. when they get starving?

It’s just really annoying to get like 3-6 pop ups around breakfast or dinner time nearly every day.


I’m expereicing the same thing here. Literally sitting and eating as I click on the alert. “Can’t find food” my a** lol. Literally eating/just sat down and about to eat… ¬×¬

The best way to avoid this I’ve found is by bringing down the number of containers food is stored in. I use 2 vaults with only the food filter ticked off, as well as 2-3 Stone chests near the dining area for quick access. The display shelves are also handy for food placement, as generally they will be the first place to look.

My food is all in one crate(custom capacity from my mod) and in the same building as ALL my tables and chairs. They legit just alert too early or eat too late.

i thinks its to do with the AI being overworked, but yeah the alert could be later. hey @DaniAngione any way that allert could be madea bit more lax?

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