Connected Entities

So, I am just learning to mod. I made a cabinet and got it pretty much working. I would like to make more cabinet pieces like corners, basins, overhead cabinets, pantries and possibly more. I would like all of these to connect and look like the counter top is a solid piece. I tried making the edge stick out one voxel so that when they meet, the highlights on the edges would be hidden. Unfortunately, they just clip and can be seen from certain angles. Heres an image since I’m probably not being clear:

So, is there some way to make a matrix that is hidden if it intersects another item or wall. Or is there another way to do what I want? If not, I guess I will have to make end pieces and middle pieces separate recipes?

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i think this is the only way to do what you want… :disappointed:

then again, i’m not a coding genius, maybe @Drotten knows of a way to do this

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$0.02: They’re working on making this work for fences right now. Which leads me to believe there’s no easy way to do it, though I by no means discourage you. Making a separate piece would perhaps be easier in the short run.

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I’m no expert on modding, but since there’s nothing currently in the game that acts that way I think it is, unless you’re willing to do a ton of coding. Or wait until they finally add a fence tool which should provide most of the groundwork, and then you’d hopefully be able to hijack some of it.

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I’ve never noticed an issue with fences not looking connected. Are they working on a way to place a whole section of fence at once? Unless it will put end posts at each end, I don’t know if that would help me out.

Fences connect well in a line, but I know they wanted to put in a tool to drag out fences, and I think - though I don’t have a source for this - that they were thinking of corners and end pieces at one point.

Besides waiting for that… you could always raise the center part a voxel above the highlight. If you made the stone part a little thicker overall, you might be able to get it to look nice. It might just look wonky, but I think it’s worth a try.