[Con] Worker became a pole dancer

Not sure if this is a bug, or just a funny thing that can happen. I was building a new building, which had 1 wall where it stepped out by one block. This meant that there there 2 ‘frame’ columns diagonally from each other.

My workers came and started to build the frame. Unfortunately, one worker was stood where the other frame was being build, and ended up stuck at the top of the pole. Eventually, when the wall was high enough, they were able to get down again, so it wasn’t too serious.

Still, the worker could be a farmer or another crafter, causing bigger issues…

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Oh I’ve seen this. A quick fix is to build a ladder along the post. They’ll come right down!

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I hoped my workers would just start chucking money at the person on the post.

Is it possible to remove the ladder after?

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yes, just click on it and you’ll see a red cross saying delete/remove

Perfect, thanks very much.

that’s what we’re here for! :slight_smile:

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I suppose we’ll tag this one confirmed… pole dancing units? :laughing:

@Goose, let us know if that resolved your issue…

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My worker came down when the walls connected to the post were high enough for them to step down, no ladder was needed (although it’s nice to know for the future).