[Con] Unused Resrouces Left on Rooftops

I have noticed this too: Workes leave wood on roof if they has something to do and it can be removed if you build ladder to the roof.

So its isn’t nasty bug, only minor one or glitch, because it happens only sometimes (they need other activity with higher priority: eat/sleep/chop wood/gather). So it can be very quickly repaired, but it is annoing.


I have to agree that this is annoying… I put ladders onto my roofs already out of being used to it, as there will always be at least one log left forgotten on the roof otherwise… Maybe this can be turned into something the hearthlings actually do?

I don’t know how this is set up internally, but if the ladders for the construction and the scaffolding are actually separate entities (despite the fact that they’re built and torn down together), maybe for tearing down you can do the scaffolding first, but keep the ladder. And every log of wood used for construction gets flagged as “building wood”. That flag only gets removed when the log is stored in a storage or used by another profession (or it gets replaced with another building flag when it gets used in a different construction), and flagged wood has the highest (transport) task priority (this can then easily build into a future task priority system… ^^). And only after there is no wooden log left flagged with the current building the ladders get removed.

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I think a partial solution would be to let the workers finish their task rather than dropping everything the second hunger or sleep hits.

To this point, I’d like to see hunger and sleep vary a bit. Right now it seems very… mechanical. Like a bell’s been rung at the factory and everything stops and 20 people run to the lunch room like trained mice.


Are you pondering what I’m pondering?
Sure, but how are we going to get the goblins to put on the Chinese finger traps to begin with?


when i build a house. sometimes workers forget wood to roof. i hate that. i have wood on about 2 houses roof. can be fixed?.

Build a ladder up, wait for them to remove the logs, and remove the ladder. It’s still annoying though.

The nasty cousin of this annoying is when they remove the scaffolding while hearthlings are still up there. I’m usually in slice view and sometimes don’t notice (especially when I have lots of hearthlings). So I only find out after they have died. Happened a few times to me already.

I found that this occurs when work on a structure has it’s workers enter into mealtime suspended working. When a worker drops an item in this manner it is outside the resource table for the town and is considered unclaimed resources. When building, workers gather available resources in the stockpile before tasking to find nearby unclaimed resources.

This can be avoided by tagging in the suspended AI model when it enters into the mealtime mode. A tag is created and attached to the end of the eating segment and then is used to return to the last know location of the work and resume working. Or a method to employ better resource allocation, such as an immediate mode for workers that only begins after returning to their last working position before returning to work mode. EG the end of the eating mode is not until it returns full circle to the last end of the work shift.

Sorry if this is a bit confusing, AI and heap management is a bit of a spaghetti factory from time to time.

Illian Amerond

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Loving the updates and how smooth things are working out. I have, however, noticed some bugs resurfacing such as workers are now leaving resources of lumber on the roof tops of my buildings. In earlier saves they are clean and neat, yet after the recent update they are all building structures with leftovers on the roof. About 4 to 8 average items.

Keep up the great work!
Illian Amerond
Found a work around; If I build ladders to the rooftops they will pick up the resources left over)


Yep, this is what I do too. It works, but I have to wait for the hearthlings to get around to cleaning it up.

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Upon completion of construction, resources remain on the roof and they could not pull it off.

Yeah I noticed that weird behaviour too, where they sort of just drop stuff after they’re done with it. Not sure what’s up with their behaviour when they do this.

To get the resources off the roof, just build a ladder, and wait until everything is off the roof before destroying the ladder.

Building related tasks are pretty high priority tasks I think. But if a hearthling decides some other task is more important and absolutely has to be done right now, the hearthling may drop their construction materials to go do that instead. Sometimes they are on top of buildings when that happens. Unfortunately, hearthlings treat removing scaffolding as more important than refilling stockpiles, so they’ll usually ignore items left on buildings until it is too late.

When I’ve built buildings in the game, my workers tend to leave random logs on the roof of a completed building, and they won’t retrieve them afterwards.

One of the best pictures I could find was this: http://i.imgur.com/DqfP2AG.jpg

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this bug is known, thought its not actually a bug. i will search around and see if i can find an older thread to merge with.

also, i embedded the screenshot for you.

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I noticed the same thing it is also theoretically possible for hearthlings to get stuck on buildings. This bug happens ones a building has finished and a hearthling has a log in his hands which he does not need anymore. Then he will try leave to leave the roof. I almost had my hearthling stuck on the roof, because other hearthlings remove the scaffold and ladders.

I usually end up placing some ladders up onto the roofs of completed buildings until all materials have been redeemed.

A worse problem to watch out for is Hearthlings getting stuck on top of e.g. wall lanterns when their friends “helpfully” remove the scaffolding they climbed to get up there. Less visible than someone lost on a roof, and if you’re not careful you could lose someone to starvation that way.

Sometimes the workers will be building a building and will leave blocks of wood on the roof and then finish the building and never remove those blocks. Other times the workers will be collecting something and leave it on a ladder where nobody will pick it up again.

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thanks for reporting, but these have been reported before, though they aren’t really “bugs”.

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