[Con]Repeated messages

Sometimes log messages repeat several times, like the event was flagged continuously.

Steps to reproduce:
It’s a bit random. But for example I got it when settlers awoke.

Expected Results: events should trigger the message once.

Actual Results: repeated messages on actions that happen once.


Versions and Mods: A1 R42 (Mods are irrelevant)

System Information:
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (32-bit OS)
Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU P8400
2.26 GHz 2.27GHz
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family

well… not necessarily… if you have anything that is touching the personality traits files, this could potentially be causing the problem… believe me, i’ve buggered it up enough to know… :smile:

however, i dont believe you’ve played around with those particular files…

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I find it funny that the game tells the civs to start thinking… :wink:


I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed that one. However, the error in the top left might be the reason for this odd behaviour - also, like Steve said, this is something that can easily be broken with mods (although I tend to disagree about the personality file stuff - I don’t think malformed JSON could do that)

i get the same bug and i havent modded the alpha yet…

ahh, ok… thanks for the [con]formation @protoncollision!