[Con] [r180] Ladder removed early when placing doodad - Worker stuck

Summary: One of my workers was stuck standing on a banner he had just placed when the ladder he was using was removed.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build house/wall
  2. Place an item high up.
  3. Another worker removes the ladder (uncommon)

Expected results:
The worker placing the item removes the ladder when finished.

Actual results:
Another worker removed the ladder.

I had to place a new ladder to get her down.

Notes: The item placed was the large flag.

Version: r180

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Haha, I wish this was a real thing. Someone goes on a roof to grab an item and another guy pranks him and removes the ladder so he gets stuck!

Pretty sure this has happened to me since I’ve had workers stuck in the air before. I’ve just never realized what was causing it.


I believe this [workers removing a ladder early while placing an item, getting stuck by the item] and my stockade issue [workers removing an item while someonr else is on a ladder, worker gets stuck on the ladder] are two sides of the same coin.


This is a side effect… We’ve always seen workers that go to pick berries and then it’s another worker who comes along to bring them to the stockpile (instead of the first worker); and other similar behaviors…

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I’ve noticed that with berries/resource picking and with other actions like building construction. In some cases, I think it would be best if one person did all the work, especially when ladders are involved!


I have had this happen as well in r188