[Con] [r144] Pathing glitches with objects

First, the harmless one:

Speaks for itself, I think.

Now the not-so-harmless one - my weaver got stuck like this in his workbench until it was moved. However, the beds don’t seem to block units forever luckily:

To reproduce the latter, simply have someone place the bed down. Often they’ll get stuck in for a few seconds, and flicker as they turn left/right a lot trying to walk out.


I can confirm this has happened to me when placing a bed down. the villager would get stuck in the middle of it and break dance out of it until free.

This can also happen on Fence posts:


Also there is a problem when we place a picket fence gate it give this.


I can confirm as well… it may have to do with the beds proximity to another object (my beds are usually tightly packed together)…


Bug: floating villagers while eating.

while eating if the camera is moved a bit villagers will float over the table instead of sitting in their chairs

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build table with 4 chairs surrounding it //see picture for example
  2. wait for villagers to sit down with a meal
  3. move camera around, zooming in and out and panning.

Expected Results:
villagers remain seated for the duration of the meal

Actual Results:
a mass practice of levitation during dining hours



Already reported, though the confirmation is nice :slight_smile: :

Requesting thread merge from @SteveAdamo I think.

thanks for the heads up @Teleros, as well as the confirmation @boomboom


Some more pics of people eating whilst hovering…

On a totally unrelated note, can we implement a “Prussian” civilisation :smiley: ?


Still in R223. See attached video at 18:50 and 29:27.

Still in R375. See attached video at 27:30.